#FeatureFriday – Ron Gibson, Jr.

Take a break, get inspired, and learn a bit more about Ron Gibson Jr. Here is our twist on an interview.


  • A quote that inspires you:

“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull.” —W.C. Fields

  • Your writing process described as a song:
  • You’re a writer so tell us with your words why you write. But please don’t bore us:

I write to reach the best part of myself. To say the things I didn’t know I wanted to say. To create order out of chaos. To holler into the crowded void, each word possibly a farewell transmission, even if the future doesn’t receive nor care to receive it. I write to avoid myself. To connect with others in a language that rarely sparks the air from human tongues. I write because stories keep humanity alive. I write because I’m barely a passable music-maker, but a pretty good dreamer of dreams. I write because once upon a time I didn’t know how to talk. I write because once upon a time my writing was a diorama that lived inside me, and I hoped others might look because when they looked I felt real and no longer alone.

  • What is a recent story or poem you’ve had published elsewhere that we should read?

The only piece of mine I feel is worth checking out is my nonfiction piece “Northbound” at The Vignette Review about my grandfather. I walked away from writing for nearly a decade for various reasons (none that I regret), but it was the death of my grandfather and the subsequent eulogy I gave that brought me back to it. He was a trucker, wise from roads traveled, not from books read. When various newspapers carried an essay I wrote about the death of Richard Farnsworth, the actor, my grandfather paid me the best compliment, “You done good.” And I think that’s all any writer needs to hear in the end.


Ron Gibson, Jr. is a literary vagrant, whom some editors with questionable tastes and/or drinking habits have been so kind as to charitably publish some of his works. A few of these lovable misguided souls include Pidgeonholes, Maudlin House, The Vignette Review, Cease Cows, Spelk Fiction & Unbroken Journal.



Twitter: @sirabsurd



See you next week with another not-so-typical interview.


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