Ink In Thirds – Issue 3

As I write this, school is out for summer in my neck of the woods, and I’m mentally packing my bags for a road trip. The warm days and humid nights will own my soul, and the call of the wild beckons for my adventurous heart to answer. I know no greater adventure than trekking through pages of words and losing one’s self when a physical trip is not possible. Though I am off on a long overdue excursion, I will pack with me many cherished words as traveling companions. Whether this time of year carries you away to far off lands or keeps you close to home, I hope you find the words within these pages speak to your bones, cling to your ribs, and give you a real jolt. Happy adventures. Happy reading!


Ink In Thirds - Issue 3

34 pages, published 8/5/2016

A magazine of poised prose, precarious poetry, and photography to pilot our own realms again.

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