Take a break, get inspired, and learn a bit more about Evan Anderson. Here is our twist on an interview.


  • A quote that inspires you:

 “So it goes.” – Kurt Vonnegut


Neither overly pessimistic nor sentimental. Life is as good or bad as your responses to what happens. Life is choice after choice. This quote is a reminder to me to choose a good, happy, loving, and fulfilling life.

  • Your writing process described as a song:
  • You’re a writer so tell us with your words why you write. But please don’t bore us:

The reason I started writing as a kid is the same reason I continue writing now: it’s how I explore, process, and attempt to communicate ideas-especially ones that I am struggling to understand. Basically, writing enables me to remain a reasonably functional human being. There are times when I get caught up in thoughts like, “I wonder if This Big Name Journal or That Big Name Journal will like what I’ve written,” but the second I start having those thoughts, my writing becomes self-conscious and insincere. So I try to keep those thoughts at bay as much as possible, but I think it’s something that every writer inevitably struggles with. So, all of that to say, I try to let my writing dig though the depths and the murkiness and contrive what it will with as little interference from me as possible.

  • What is a recent story or poem you’ve had published elsewhere that we should read?

In The Beginning Was the End” published in Cleaver Magazine is a flash piece that came together in a matter of about 10 minutes. I was sitting in a coffee shop, day dreaming in front of a blank Word document, when someone next to me spilled their coffee on the floor. I had a flashback to when I was a kid and my dad would smirk and say, “Gravity!” when any of us would drop or spill something. So, one thought led to the next and this little guy just sort of wrote itself.


Evan lives and writes in a bowl of a city, surrounded by swamps and brimming with stories and music. He has work published in Gone Lawn, Cleaver Magazine, Cease, Cows, and others.



Website: http://www.evanmichaelanderson.com/

Twitter: @emanderson_1



See you next week with another not-so-typical interview.


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Grace Black mingles with words as she navigates this realm.

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