Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony is a Maker of: art, fiction, jewelry, photographs and whatever else sparks his interest. The American Labor Museum exhibited Michael’s photojournalism essay on the waning of the textile industry in Paterson, New Jersey. @circleMstudios    Instagram: earthography


Jason Allen
Jason Allen is a Photographer born and raised in the Pacific Northwest with a passion for the abstract, portraiture, and occasional landscape shot. Often found getting a speeding ticket on his way to beat the setting sun.  Jallenphotographic


Sara A. O’Brien
Sarah A. O’Brien is a photographer and writer based in Boston, MA. She loves to promote other artists, and has founded a digital literary journal, Boston Accent Lit, to provide a platform for underrepresented voices in the literary community. Follow her adventures @fluent_SARAcasm and check out more of her work at http://www.sarahaobrien.com/


RL Raymond
Raymond simply tells stories through poetry, fiction, photography, and painting. He has been published in journals and collections across Canada, the United States, and Europe. He earned his Master of Arts in English Literature from the University of Western Ontario. http://www.rlraymond.ca/  http://www.rlraymond.me/  @R_L_Raymond


Creative Commons Photographers


About the Author Grace Black

Grace Black mingles with words as she navigates this realm.