Manit Chaotragoongit
Manit Chaotragoongit resides in Bangkok, Thailand. His inspiration and appreciation for black-and-white for photography began when he was a teenager. Manit’s first job was as a photographer for a little publishing company in Bangkok. He prefers conceptual photography and street life, and his artwork is filled with experience and vision.

Instagram: @manit_chao
Facebook: Manit Chaotragoongit


Lunette Elle Warren
Lunette Elle Warren is a South African poet, artist, photographer and academic with a PhD in ancient philosophy. Her work has been published in Gravel, Third Point Press, Itch and elsewhere. In 2017 she was longlisted for the Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award.

Instagram: @bad.poetry_
Twitter: @persephonified


Eloy Garza
Eloy Garza, a poet who loves art and photography, is considerably better with a camera than with other artistic mediums. Simplicity, peacefulness, and beauty in all of life is fundamental to Eloy.  Journey of Emotions is available on


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