#FeatureFriday – Natalie E Illum

Take a break, get inspired, and learn a bit more about Natalie E Illum. Here is our twist on an interview.

  • A quote that inspires you:

  • Your writing process described as a song: Joni Mitchell – You Turn Me On I’m A Radio
  • You’re a writer so tell us with your words why you write. But please don’t bore us:

I want to say something funny, like “because I can’t sing.” But I was a singer before I started writing poetry. How about because I can’t be an acrobat? So I make words balance and tumble instead. I’m also really bad at math and spatial relationships, but poetry allows me to be a kind of mathematician on the page.

  • What is a recent story or poem you’ve had published elsewhere that we should read?

Disabled Ars Poetica” and “If you are disabled and there is a bomb cyclone, you” were published in former People

Natalie E. Illum is a poet, disability activist and singer living in Washington DC. She is a 2017 Jenny McKean Moore Poetry Fellow, as well as a non-fiction editor for The Deaf Poets SocietyLiterary Journal. She is a founding board member of mothertongue, a women’s open mic that lasted 15 years. She competed on the National Poetry Slam circuit and is the 2013 Beltway Grand Slam Champion. Her work has appeared in various publications, and on NPR’s Snap Judgement. She loves whiskey and giraffes more than people.
Website: http://natalieillum.wordpress.com
Twitter: @poetryrox
Instagram: @poetryrox

See you next week, with another not-so-typical interview.

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