Photographers – Vol. 2, Issue 4

William C. Crawford
William C. Crawford is a writer & photographer based in Winston-Salem, NC. He was a combat photojournalist in Vietnam. He has published extensively in various formats including fiction, creative nonfiction, memoirs, book reviews, and essays. 



Mirja Paljakka
Mirja is a Finnish fine art photographer living and working in a small countryside town Ylojarvi. Photography is a daily adventure, yet more. For Mirja, photography is a passion and when photographing years fall away and time ceases to exist. She is addicted to natural light and uses her camera’s lens as a third eye to capture the vivid and dramatic. Exploring ordinary things in a deeper way allows Mirja’s images to jump off the page and come to life.

Twitter: @Mirja_Paljakka
Instagram: @paljakkamirja


George Stein
George L Stein is a writer and photographer living in the Midwest and in NE Florida. He specializes in urbex photography and exploration of the beauty/decay dialectic. George has been published in Darkside Magazine, Not Your Mother’s Breast Milk, Midwestern Gothic, and other literary magazines.

Twitter: @georgelstein
Instagram: @steincapitalmgmt


Unsplash Photographers

Avgust Chech

Jorge Rojas

Kilarov Zaneit 



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