TLT Throwback – Year 2: Twenty-five

May your life have poetry and your poetry, life…

Three Line Thursday remains a lovely addition to the blog here at Ink In Thirds. I would like to encourage you to spread the word and enter weekly. I will be including some of the poems from the weekly contributions in upcoming issues of Ink In Thirds Magazine, so if you’d like a chance to be published: participate weekly. Also, if you have a Twitter handle include it below your submission.

Happy writing!

If you don’t know what #TLT is all about here are the cliff notes:

  • Write something that will move us! Inspired by the photo above.
  • DO NOT include the prompt word.
  • Brevity is key.
  • What can you say, convey, express in only three lines? Can you paint a visual picture with only words? Tell an entire story that begs to be read? Use your imagination.
  • No titles. Let’s keep it about the words.
  • 10 words max per line. 3 lines.
  • Post your poem in the comments and comment on others. Have fun!

This week’s prompt: Cloudy

All photography used for TLT purposes is licensed under Creative Commons Zero images.

Love and Ink,
Grace Black

26 thoughts on “TLT Throwback – Year 2: Twenty-five

  1. Yes, they’ll block out the sun
    but the light diffused will still get through
    and see they’re bringing rain. We can drink again.

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  2. Driving into the haar seeking the coast, the sea,
    but, the sun’s been taken—dirty blanket from the east.
    No seaside—this is the shore of a dystopian day

    (haar is the word we use here for a sea fog)

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      1. Thanks Ewan :) I have some photos of trips to the coast, where we have headed off into a beautiful day, only to find that the haar rolling in, some of the images have come out like scenes from zombie movies….!

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      1. :) Totally! Sometimes she comes to me and says, “Mommy, I need you to write this down,” followed by a poem or a story, then she says, “Now type it on your computer.” She’s almost 5.

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  3. She was a Barbie cloud, pretty in pink
    Floating through life until she solidified
    Became plastic, moulded by many, desired by none


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  4. I vapourised your ex-boyfriends, smeared them ‘cross the sky,
    To vapourise your indifference, steal your heart on the sly –
    ‘Cept I missed your favourite, wound up in a sty.



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