TLT Throwback – Year 2: Twenty-five

May your life have poetry and your poetry, life…

Three Line Thursday remains a lovely addition to the blog here at Ink In Thirds. I would like to encourage you to spread the word and enter weekly. I will be including some of the poems from the weekly contributions in upcoming issues of Ink In Thirds Magazine, so if you’d like a chance to be published: participate weekly. Also, if you have a Twitter handle include it below your submission.

Happy writing!

If you don’t know what #TLT is all about here are the cliff notes:

  • Write something that will move us! Inspired by the photo above.
  • DO NOT include the prompt word.
  • Brevity is key.
  • What can you say, convey, express in only three lines? Can you paint a visual picture with only words? Tell an entire story that begs to be read? Use your imagination.
  • No titles. Let’s keep it about the words.
  • 10 words max per line. 3 lines.
  • Post your poem in the comments and comment on others. Have fun!

This week’s prompt: Cloudy

All photography used for TLT purposes is licensed under Creative Commons Zero images.

Love and Ink,
Grace Black

Published by

Grace Black

Grace Black mingles with words as she navigates this realm.

26 thoughts on “TLT Throwback – Year 2: Twenty-five”

  1. I vapourised your ex-boyfriends, smeared them ‘cross the sky,
    To vapourise your indifference, steal your heart on the sly –
    ‘Cept I missed your favourite, wound up in a sty.



  2. She was a Barbie cloud, pretty in pink
    Floating through life until she solidified
    Became plastic, moulded by many, desired by none


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    1. :) Totally! Sometimes she comes to me and says, “Mommy, I need you to write this down,” followed by a poem or a story, then she says, “Now type it on your computer.” She’s almost 5.

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  3. Driving into the haar seeking the coast, the sea,
    but, the sun’s been taken—dirty blanket from the east.
    No seaside—this is the shore of a dystopian day

    (haar is the word we use here for a sea fog)

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    1. Thanks Ewan :) I have some photos of trips to the coast, where we have headed off into a beautiful day, only to find that the haar rolling in, some of the images have come out like scenes from zombie movies….!

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  4. Yes, they’ll block out the sun
    but the light diffused will still get through
    and see they’re bringing rain. We can drink again.

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