#FeatureFriday – Rin Baatz

Take a break, get inspired, and learn a bit more about Rin Baatz. Here is our twist on an interview.

  • A quote that inspires you:

  • Your writing process described as a song: Turnover – Take My Head
  • You’re a writer so tell us with your words why you write. But please don’t bore us:

Writing is a liquid form of self-expression. One can move and twist easily across a page, just as a dancer glides upon the floor. Having odd ways of thinking and connecting memories always made me feel odd, but writing helps me to take these swirling colors and sounds and cement them in another’s mind, even for just a moment. That, to me, is intoxicating.

  • What is a recent story or poem you’ve had published elsewhere that we should read?

Sometimes It Feels Like the Back of My Head Opens Up and I Can Breathe Again” published in Boned

Rin Baatz is a college student studying creative writing and French. She has previously been published in Khroma, Boned, Beautiful Losers, and Germ. Rin has also spoken at the Ray Browne Conference on Cultural and Critical Studies.

Instagram: @rgb.255.186.210




See you next week, with another not-so-typical interview.

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