Take a break, get inspired, and learn a bit more about Rachel Newcombe. Here is our twist on an interview.


  • A quote that inspires you:


  • Your writing process described as a song: David Byrne – This Must Be The Place


  • You’re a writer so tell us with your words why you write. But please don’t bore us:

I write to surrender to myself.
I write to find meaning.
I write so I can stop hiding.
I write because I am inspired by what I read.


  • What is a recent story or poem you’ve had published elsewhere that we should read?

There Are Oceans Between Us” published in 7×7


Rachel Newcombe is a psychoanalyst on Orcas Island, WA. In Seattle she co-leads a creative non-fiction writing group for therapists called, Never Underestimate the Power of a Dog’s Desire. Just recently the group finished an anthology of personal essays. Rachel’s writing has appeared in Contemporary Psychoanalysis, The Psychoanalytic Review, The Rumpus, Hippocampus, Anti-Heroin Chic and elsewhere.

Twitter: @rachelnewcombe8





See you next week, with another not-so-typical interview.

About the Author Grace Black

Grace Black mingles with words as she navigates this realm.

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