Prose Contributors – Vol. 2, Issue 5

Issue Available on September 1, 2018


Emma Allmann

Emma Allmann studied Creative Writing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a freelance writer and Jr. Digital Publishing Associate living and writing out of Chciago, IL. She has had fiction published with Ellipsis Zine and a play produced at the Marcia Légère Student Play Festival.

Twitter: @Emryal
Instagram: @emryal91


Shaunacy Ferro

Shaunacy Ferro is a Brooklyn-based writer and editor.

Twitter: @shaunacysays


Leslie Muzingo

Leslie Muzingo spends winters in Alabama and summers in Prince Edward Island. You can find a list of her publications on Goodreads. She considers herself an emerging writer, but her emergence is a slow one as she has many interests and there are only so many hours in a day. 

Twitter: @sootfoot5  


Andrew Rihn

Andrew Rihn is a writer of essays, poems, and scholarly articles. He is the author of several chapbooks, including America Pops and Fizzes (sunnyoutside press) and The Rust Belt MRI (Pudding House). Most recently, he co-authored, along with his wife, the writer Donora A. Rihn, the chapbook The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: An Election Cycle (Moria Books/ Locofo Chaps). Together, they live in Portage Lakes, OH with their two rescue dogs.

Instagram: @a.rihn


Mary Thompson

Mary Thompson is a teacher in London. Her work has been recognised and published in journals and competitions including Flash 500, Fish, Writing Magazine, Retreat West, Reflex, Ellipsis Zine, the Cabinet of Heed, Memoir Mixtapes, the Fiction Pool and Marauder Literary Journal and is forthcoming at Fictive Dream and Firewords.

Twitter: @MaryRuth69
Instagram: @marythompson1612

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