About Us

Some of you may remember Three Line Thursday (where this all started):

Let’s face it, the creative world can be lonely and filled with rejection. As a writer or an artist sometimes we need to remind ourselves to get involved. Come up for air, loose ourselves from our pessimistic pits and break free from our creative caves for a while.

And while that project was close to my little black heart, it ran its course and was time for something else. Something more. I’d wanted to curate a magazine for quite some time, but like most of us, real life got in the way. Then I bit the bullet and created Ink In Thirds with the help of this amazing community of writers and artists who continually inspire one and other. We published ten gorgeous issues in the first year. Then another bump in the road. On a personal level, my life fell apart. Or at least what I’d previously thought of as living. Staying true to my introverted nature, I knew it was time to take a step back and reassess EVERYTHING in my life.

I’ve spent the last nine months on a deeply personal inward journey, on what I can only call a soul mission. I’m Grace, by the way, and you can read more about my personal journey here if you’re so inclined. Or not, whatever.

Let’s skip to the exciting part . . . I received a message in regard to Ink In Thirds and how it had been missed in the literary community. What I can only refer to as divine intervention, energy alignment, or angels among us has rained down on Ink In Thirds and made this resurrection possible. For the sole purpose of respecting the privacy of all involved, I will leave it at this: I cannot begin to express the level of gratitude I hold for those who have made it possible to bring Ink In Thirds back from her slumber and to each of you that continue to grant her life-breath each month!

One thing I’ve learned on this journey called life: if it is a passion, it will not burn softly. It will ignite and burst into flames whether we go willingly or not. So do what you love. And that brings us here, together again!

Grace Black
Founding Editor
Ink In Thirds