Vol. 2, Issue 2

photo by Kathleen Martin

Blue Bonsai
by M. S.

At Blue Bonsai, say your perineum itches and my lemon tea bursts in your nose, splattering your cheek and our belly aches with laughter from the first time when spiced prawns sweetened in coconut milk shifted from my destiny to yours to ours and we believed in the hereafter and the inconvenience of children and riding the ocean together till together drowned us and we apologized for mistakes we never made and promises we never broke and a life we never lived because everyone everywhere I met followed me into our world, whispering the same warning about looking for sharks.


the second of two
leavings –
the pillar of salt
by Petru Viljoen

photo by Igor Ovsyannykov


photo by How-Soon Nguov

Riverside Drive
Sarah Negron

Cheers sweetheart
Raise our empty pill bottles
to divorce
and old dogs
To lighter fluid
and lawn chairs
frozen in day old
rain water
Burn old bedspreads
and scream into empty cupboards
There’s blood on the door
to the guest room
It won’t come off
You won’t get off
Get out
Take me across the street
If I don’t wake up
let the recyclables pile
on top of me
Cry cum
and let the maggots
sing you to sleep
They’ll crawl back
into me like you
and get songs stuck in my head


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